Livin the Crazy Life

The La Vida Loca booth during the 2019 Nutcracker Marketplace where they received Best in Show.

Livin the Crazy Life

Author Jessica Crabtree | Jan. 21, 2020 |Ranch Swag Designs

Mobile boutique/booth La Vida Loca has been traveling up and down the road for more than 15 years. Owner Sarita Rule started the business venture when her children were young and rodeoing. As her children grew, so did her business. Today it is prospering, even winning the prestigious award of Best in Show at the 2019 Nutcracker Marketplace in Houston.

Livin La Vida Loca translates to “living the crazy life.” Sarita Rule says that phrase best captures her life. Owner of the traveling boutique La Vida Loca, Rule’s career in retail began more than 15 years ago. “I started out doing weekend shows where my kids were at.” Rodeoing, Rule sat up at shows such as the Texas Junior High Rodeo Association Finals, Texas High School Finals, as well as the local Region Finals and barrel races. Most were two-day shows that allowed her to be both with her family and business.

As her family grew, so did her business. That was when La Vida Loca really appeared, “Early on I went under a different name. But around 10 years ago, it was no longer fitting. I wanted something that fit the craziness that life on the road is. I felt inspired by the Mexican culture, décor and colors. That is when I founded La Vida Loca. It just fit.”

Sarita Rule owner of La Vida Loca behind the cash register at her booth. She has been a mobile boutique more than 15 years. Promoting that once inside, you can create and purchase an entire outfit. (Photo courtesy of LVL)

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Livin the Crazy Life

Since, Rule has spent that last 10 years on the road. Where most find the hours and travel daunting, Rule lives for it. “I have no plans to ever have a store. I love the flexibility of the road, the people, the places and never being tied down.” Rule admitted, it is not always easy or for everyone, “It takes a long time to build up the shows, the dates and the cliental.” Working year after year on her inventory, preferred shows and cliental, her efforts proved positive the last couple years. “Within the last two years I’ve grown beyond my wildest imagination!”


Those years of building, followed by success Rule describes as overwhelming, exhausting, exciting, but in reality, new struggles appear with growth. However, the business owner is a very hands-on person, one who enjoys working, the monotony, her clients and life on the road. “I’m hands on. I am there each day at my shows, in the booth. I want to touch each thing, and make sure everything is in the right place. I want all my clients to “know me.”


Today, her list of shows leaves little to desire. Beginning each year with the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, followed by the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Texas Antique Weekend at the Marketplace in Warrenton, and the Western Heritage Weekend in Abilene.

“I’m hands-on. I am there each day at my shows, in the booth. I want to touch each thing, and make sure everything is in the right place. I want all my clients to “know me.”

Sarita Rule

There after begins her youth events, the Texas Junior High Rodeo Finals, the Highschool Finals, the National Highschool Finals and International Youth Finals Rodeo (IFYR). While the basis of all her shows are in Texas, they are not limited to Texas, but also Oklahoma, South Dakota, Iowa and Nevada. To round out her year, La Vida Loca can be found at Affair of the Heart in Ardmore, OK, Texas Ranch Roundup in Wichita Falls, TX, the Nutcracker Market in Houston and National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV.

When mentioning shows, Rule enjoys them all, but if having to choose her favorite her answer would be the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo as well as the Antique Weekend in Warrenton. “Fort Worth is always a good show for me. I love the people. They are laid back and I enjoy the interaction.” Aside from that, Rule enjoys the Antique Weekend at Warrenton for the people and the place. “The people there are so happy and the venue is semi-outdoors which is a nice change for me after coming off an entire month in Houston!”

A small-town country girl, Rule finds joy in her cliental, “Some are former athletes my kids competed against, others are kids I watched grow from the Junior Rodeos to Highschool Rodeos.” That understanding assists the business owner when obtaining items for her booth. “So many of my customers are busy stock show and rodeo moms. They want a place they can come and pull an entire outfit together,” Rule explained.

Describing her booths as “boho western,” Rule said Ranch Swag tees are a great addition to her assorted clothing. “I started carrying Ranch Swag at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo because of the stock show tees they offer,” said Rule. “I feel their [Ranch Swag] designs are unique and different,” she added. Within La Vida Loca, there is everything necessary to create an entire outfit. Rule feels the graphic tee is a staple in any wardrobe and can be dressed up or down.

When explaining the La Vida Loca booth, Rule said look for the bright colors and fiesta décor. “I love bright colors, and lots of decorations!” Although it may be added work, Rule has a specified look for her booth. “I offer trendy clothing, that are fun and funky. That includes bell bottoms, kimonos, graphic tees, bell sleeves, dusters and accessories. I like to create booths with tons of options and variety for any age!”

Some may wonder how one woman can get it all done, Rule would say it is preparation. “Through the years I’ve learned to be over prepared and I’ve studied my customers.” While 2019 was a widely successful year, Rule is ready for 2020 with new goals in place. “My goal in the new year is to let go a little, allow for people to help. I also want La Vida Loca to continue growing, possibly in the form of a larger booth with even more variety.” Long term, Rule’s goals are to expand into a warehouse to house her growing inventory for online sales.

In the meantime, her day-to-day goal is to “just keep hustling.”

La Vida Loca can next be shopped during the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo January 17 through February 8.

Feel free to shop La Vida Loca online at, on Facebook and Instagram at The La Vida Loca Boutique.