Meet Brand Ambassador Elise Wade

Hometown - Enid, Okla.

Education - “Currently I am a student at Oklahoma State University working on a degree in Marketing.”

What are your interests? - “I love all things within the western industry. I’ve also become a bit of an action and extreme sport junky.” Continued, “I love everything about fashion.”

Elise styling the "Darlin" while in the Fort Worth Stockyards. (Photo courtesy of Elise Wade)

Who were/are your idols? - “It sounds cheesy, but my biggest role models are those closest to me, like my parents. I was very fortunate to grow up with strong, successful, kind people to look up to...” “Growing up I also somewhat wanted to become someone I could see my younger self looking up to. I looked up to the qualities of people I thought were successful.”

Elise rocking the Cheetah Chief Distressed Turquoise tee while at the Lazy E Arena Timed Event Finals. (Photo courtesy of Elise Wade)

What does the western industry mean to you? - “The western industry is everything to me. None of us would be where we are without it. One of my most favorite quotes is on a pillar at OSU, it says, ‘Being a Cowboy isn’t in our clothes, it’s in our character.’ I believe the western industry is what we make it.”

Something most wouldn’t know about you? - “I am not a fan of rom-coms.”

Look for Elise in upcoming Ranch Swag posts, giveaways, stories and more! Welcome, Elise!